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future patrol dates confirmed

ACT Street Angels

14 Nov 2023

ACT Street Angels is pleased to announce that after such amazing engagment and support that we have recieved since our last patrol, we will be patrolling once again the streets of Accrington. If you are out in Accrington on the 18/11/23, 25/11/23 or 15/12/23, then look out for the street angels wearing orange jackets. If you feel like you are in a vulnerable position or see somebody else in one, then dont hesitate to contact the street angels, we are more than happy to assist in any way we can.

Act Street Angels are hoping to be able to go out every weekend in Accrington, but we cant make this happen without volunteers. If you would like to volunteer your time into making Accrington a safer place for individuals that find themselves in a vulnerable position on a night out in our town, then dont hesitate to fill out our "get involved" form which can be found on our website or you can contact us directly on 07762998828, via social media or email.

ACT street angels were originally formed by a group of Christians coming together with an idea of helping people who may need it. However you dont need to be a Christian to join us and many of our volunteers just want to help the community and make a difference. We had a long way to go to be able to get out on the streets and make a real difference, but after months and months of hard work from our steering committee, we now have uniforms, equipment, radios, a team and most importantly we had our first night out which made a real difference. We aim to keep on going and pushing forward and making the change that Accrington needs! One of the main questions we got asked was "what do you actually do?" the answer to this is, we volunteer our time to find and help vulnerable individuals that may be too drunk or injured or at a high risk of being taken advantage of and help them, may this be in the form of getting them home safely, sobering them up, administering first aid, helping them get help from other services or just being a listening ear we do it all. we come armed with flip flops, lollipops, first aid kits and most importantly a friendly smile.

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