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Volunteer with Us
Please choose which role you ar itntrested in.

Thank you for applying to volunteer with ACT Street Angels! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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A wide range of tasks will need to be undertaken. Within the Base Cafe visitors need to be greeted with care and respect. Drinks will be offered as appropriate. Everyone is expected to work as a team, and not leave jobs to just one or two others. Washing up, cleaning surfaces, emptying bins, sweeping and mopping are all integral to ensuring that the cafe runs smoothly.


On the street you are expected to act with professionalism, treat everyone we meet with patience, tolerance and respect and ensure all members of the Street Angel teams are safe. Roles on the street
include talking to people, assisting people who have become vulnerable and administering minor first aid or water. We work closely with the Police and Emergency Services acting as a calming influence while keeping safe.

By submitting this form and accepting to the terms and conditions, I will adhere to all the policies and procedures of ACT Street Angels and follow the guidance and direction of the coordinator and steering group. I acknowledge that my information will be stored and used only by ACT Street Angels in accordance with the data protection act. Filling in the form only indicates your interest, upon submitting the form you will be contacted by a
member of the Street Angels team to discuss it further. All volunteers will be required to provide at least two references and will be subject to a DBS check before being allowed to fully join.

We reserve the right to refuse any volunteer application at any point in the application or induction process.

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